About WalleyeHub
WalleyeHub is your home for all things walleye!

About WalleyeHub

My name is Justin Vollmer, and I am the owner-operator of WalleyeHub, along with my wife, Robyn, and our 3 kids. We love the outdoors, from fishing, to camping, to hunting and all things in-between. With the new age of technology, we strive to keep the outdoors way of life alive and well.

More Than A Hobby

For years I have pursued the outdoor sites from around the web, always wanting more. Creating WalleyeHub has been a passion in the back of my mind for years. Our initial goal is to create a solid community of outdoors enthusiasts here at WalleyeHub. We hope to follow that up with family events, kids events, tournaments, get-together's, and more.

Why WalleyeHub?

We are dedicated to creating community via the great outdoors. I have been crazy about the outdoors since I first learned how to shore fish. There was nothing better than watching that bobber rise up the pole. That is a feeling I strive to give to my kids ... and everyone. It is captivating and undeniable.